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Track your activity, social and travel trends. Then discover how your activity trends are linked to your general health. -Health U: Activity Tracker uses our cutting edge activity tracking technology to track your levels of physical activity, social activity and travel.-Health U: Activity Tracker Is the only App available which can measure your overall general health by analyzing your activity levels.-Our Activity Tracker allows you to review your activity on a daily basis and see how your activity changes from morning to night, comparing activities performed on different days.-Our Activity Tracker allows you to review you activity on a weekly basis and see how your behavior changes from Monday to Sunday, comparing activity performed on different weeks.
This App is part of a scientific research project aimed at discovering how a persons behavior is linked to their health. We think we can measure a persons behavior using smartphones, but we need your help to do this. By using the app, and completing the questionnaire, you will be helping us discover how behavior and health are linked. If we can discover an accurate way of linking behavior and health, it would be of major benefit to patients with chronic diseases as it would give Doctors more accurate information about how a patients health affects their daily life. This could lead to patients receiving more individualized and beneficial treatments.
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